Global School Student
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Hey, my name's Zach and I want to change the world. If you know much about me at all, you know that I'm passionate about a few things; kids, art, coffee, and Jesus.  I want to live a life that reflects His glory and I want to be so in love with Him that people can see it on me. My adventure in life is to get people to understand the passionate pursuit God is on to love on his children.

I am currently a student at Global School of Supernatural Ministry Satellite: Costa Rica and an intern under Mission Activation. Here in Playa Del Coco, I am learning to live a missions focused life, dive into God's will for the supernatural, and to learn Jesus style ministry, by loving Jesus, becoming like him, and doing the stuff He did.

Something More is a dream I believe in along with Kaitlin, to live a life of meaning and great adventure, set-apart from the culture around them. I absolutely believe we are called to live out of the norm and not to hide away in the middle of the pack because it's the safest route. I believe Jesus is calling us out of our comfort zones to truly becoming, Something More.

What does living a Something More lifestyle look like for me? Well to be set aside for Christ, to be willing to go as far as you can, no matter the cost, and to look back and say, worth it. 

So let's look at the mainstream of life and say, "You know what...? I'm worth Something More."