It's in the Way You Live

9918196703_47beff936a_oThe other day I was having a conversation with a friend about a young woman who basically said that she has to watch out for herself and she doesn’t even have close friends or family that she can trust completely. Friends, to her, are just people you use to get ahead, and they do the same to you, so you have to watch out for yourself. Sadly, this is probably how many people live their lives, having to fend for themselves and not being able to fully trust anyone.

This, to me, is heartbreaking because life like that sounds very difficult and lonely. That is not how life is meant to be. We were meant to live fully. To experience all different kinds of love, whether it comes from people or places or moments in time. This earth is a beautiful place made for us to enjoy, and the people in it are even more precious!

When I think about that girl I think, what can the body of Christ do to show her true and unconditional love? How will she ever want to trust in a guy named Jesus, when no one she knows is trustworthy? How can she see God as someone who wants to give her everything she needs and doesn’t expect anything in return?

We can start by being that to her. By being a living breathing Jesus to her. By going out of our way to cheer up someone’s day. By paying for the person behind us at the drive through. By giving the waiter or waitress an extra big tip, even if they don’t deserve it. By showing up to something that means a great deal to someone. By visiting with a person who doesn’t have any close family and having meaningful conversation that doesn’t revolve around you.

There are so many things we can do. When we pattern our lives after Jesus people will see a spark in us. They will see that we have a hope that comes from something outside of us and this world. They will be able to see that serving others isn’t something we do because we want something from them, but merely because we want to show them love.

My hope is that we would go out into this world and make a difference in people’s lives because you never know, you just might be what they needed in order to truly believe that living for God is the best way to live. Then THEY can make a difference in someone’s life because of what YOU did, and the chain could go on and on. Think about it. There are probably people in your life that have brought you to life changing moments and it is because someone else helped them.

I encourage you to take that extra step this next week to show someone who God is; simply by the way you live.

Here's some good food for thought from a very wise man:

Only a life lived for others is a life worth living." Albert Einstein

until next time