The Hunts Music

You have to listen to these guys! The Hunts is a group made up of 7 brothers and sisters. Their style is folky and indie. I don't know why I am just hearing about them either! I can't stop listening to their music. There is just something about the fact that they are a family playing music together and sharing in what they love to do that makes their music even more amazing! Here is the music video for their hit "Make This Leap" from their EP "Life Was Simple." If you're like me, you will want to play this over and over again!

And then there is this gem. I know it's not Christmas, but this video...umm it's just too cute for words. This band is seriously the cutest thing ever!

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Takin' it Back

Ok, so I would normally post new music for you guys, but I thought it would be nice to share whatever it is I am listening to and love listening to, whether it came out last week, month, or some decades ago. The fact is, there is no music like the music from the 30's and 40's. It's like a genre all it's own, and I a 90's baby, for whatever reason adore this music. Now I'm talking about some good old Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Dean Martin, and so many other great  musicians!

It's funny because when I mention these names to many of my peers, they don't recognize them, which I at first was completely bewildered by. And my mom finds it amusing that I have the same taste in music as my grandfather. In fact I think the first time I remember listening to this kind of music was in his car, and I remember how smooth and relaxing and upbeat it was. It has the ability to lift my spirits and make me want to dance by myself with an invisible partner.

So if you would like some music to help you kick back and relax and feel as if you didn't have a care in the world, just let the voices of Ella, and Bing, and the sound of Louis' trumpet carry you away. :)

If you would like to follow this playlist you can click this link and it will open the playlist on Spotify in a new tab for you >> <<


Us The Duo: Music Mondays

Ok, so I may be a little late to train for hearing about this duo, so if you've already heard of them cool for you (and I mean that in the least sarcastic way possible), but for anyone else out there who hasn't heard of these guys you NEED to listen to them!

Us the Duo has actually been around for a few years now. They started off making youtube videos of covers of songs and then started writing their own music. I heard their song No Matter Where You Are on the radio actually, and had to look them up because I loved the song! And the rest of their album is even as great as I had hoped for.

Give them a listen! And you can click on the image above to check out their website.


'I Am Clay', a Band Breaking the Mold

If you love indie and worship music, and if you're a fan of The Ember Days and Ascend the Hill, this band is perfect for you! A few years ago I found out about this awesome ministry called Come&Live. They have a great mission to "PROVOKE, INSPIRE, EQUIP AND RELEASE THIS GENERATION FURTHER INTO GOD’S STORY." They partner with musicians and bands to further the Gospel message, musicianaries is what they call them.

Come&Live features tons of different artists and you can download music from those bands for free or if you want to help the band out financially you can donate as well.

I always check on their site for new music that I know will be not only great musically, but spiritually as well. I found this band called I Am Clay on their site. They are an Indie Worship group whose sound is definitely their own. I love their mix of acoustic natural sound with electric. Not many bands are able to mix the indie sound with worship very effectively, but these guys have done it, and I really enjoyed listening to their self titled album, 'I Am Clay'. My favorite songs from their album are 'Where Can I Go' and 'Strength and Shelter'. You can download there album by clicking on the photo or following this link and check out their music for yourself.

If you want to know more about their heart for the music they make check out this video. This video was created for their Kickstarter project that was successfully funded, which is why you are able to download their music for free, but if you want, you can still support them through the Come&Live site, when you download their music.

Hope you enjoy :)



Music Monday...Only It's Wednesday

What is Music Monday? It is a new thing I want to start where I will post anywhere from a song, to an album, or playlist I am currently listening to and loving, and I will do it every Monday. I want a chance to share music I like and new stuff I find with you all! I know, it's not Monday, but I didn't feel like waiting until Monday to post this, and it has to be Music Monday because I like the alliteration, so if you want to wait to listen until Monday be my guest, but the playlist is right here ready for you to listen to, so maybe you should just break the rules (I already did).

My JulyOk, so here is a short little playlist of some songs I am listening to this summer. It has a mix of different songs from artists like Christina Perri (featuring Ed Sheeran), Aloe Blacc, The Head And The Heart and some other great artists. Whether you're driving to the lake or just spending the day lounging around the house, these songs will hopefully give you a little boost to your day.

This is My July in Music: Press play and enjoy!


Here is the link to the playlist if you want to follow it:

What are you listening to?

This is what I'm listening to, but I always love finding new music so let me know what you're listening to in the comments below!

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