Don't Miss It

There’s something special about being in the moment. Something that may never happen the same way again. God is setting up divine appointments and if you aren't careful you'll miss them.

I find myself too often not showing up in the moments. Too consumed with life, jumping from one task to the next. When I was in the States this last time, I was literally going from one task to the next whether it was school, work, or church.  I was on the go from early morning to late at night.

I'm sure you can relate to the idea of being too consumed with daily life tasks and getting things done.  To an extent I don't think that's a bad thing. After all, we have jobs, families, and people that are counting on us. We shouldn't let them down, but at the same time we have to realize that there's always something happening around us. We need to learn to show up

Let’s talk about that for a moment. I would go as far as to say that not showing up in the moment is being oblivious to what God is doing. What does oblivious mean? It means, to not be aware of or not be concerned about what is happening around one. Am I personally looking to see what He's doing? That is the question of the day.

Jesus was all in, He lived His life that way. He took advantage of every moment. I believe that was the key of why He was so friggin’ successful, I really do. There were obviously a few things that were central to Jesus' ministry like love, compassion, healing the sick, casting out demons, and preaching the kingdom. There's something that wraps all this up into one thought. Jesus said this,

Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.
— John 5:19

Now that word ‘nothing’ is pretty interesting because in the Greek, that word nothing literally means, nothing. Did Jesus mean that? Meaning everything He did, was what the Father wanted to do. I'll say it again, Jesus took advantage of every moment because that's what Dad likes to do, He likes it when we pay attention to what He's doing. When we put aside our daily schedule and say Holy Spirit, what do you want me to do?

You can see this throughout the gospels. In fact, a lot of the stories we love about Jesus is when He is on His way to do something and He stops because He sees something beautiful happening in the moment that Dad's orchestrating. Actually, Matthew 9 is just one example that illustrates this really well.

It starts with Jesus getting on a boat, as soon as He gets off these guys come to Him with a paralyzed man on a mat, so Jesus heals him, Then Jesus is walking about and He see's this dude, Matthew, who is in his tax collector booth, and Jesus is like, there's something about this guy, and He just tells him, "Hey, follow me!" and the dude does, and he invites all his friends to hang out with Jesus and now he's just hanging out with these sinners and tax collectors. Then one day he's talking to John the Baptist's Disciples and then one of the leaders of a synagogue runs over and tells Jesus that his daughter is dead and asks if Jesus can come bring her back to life. Jesus isn't like, excuse me, I'm in a meeting, buddy, He grabs his disciples and goes. Then while He's on His way to that, a woman who has suffered 12 years from a blood disease, jumps out and touches His robe in hopes of getting healed and then Jesus talks to her and is like your faith healed ya, succa. Then He gets to this guys house to see the daughter, and tells the crowd mourning to go away because she's only sleeping and He goes in there and raises her from the dead.  Then He leaves and two blind men are like Jesus heal me, so He does then He goes and casts a demon out of a guy. Now that's a day in the life of Jesus.

Jesus knew how to be all there in every moment, all the time. He wasn’t afraid of being late, He saw what the Father was doing and He knew how to show up.

Heidi Baker, my biggest hero of the faith today and a missionary in Mozambique, illustrates this point beautifully in the video about her ministry she calls, 'Stop for the One'. Take a look at this clip.

What if you started to pay attention to what Dad was doing around you. What if we stopped being oblivious to who or what was around us all the time and asked Holy Spirit what He was doing. He's always doing something, Jesus saw that, and devoted His life to it. We can put Jesus on this pedestal and say man, that's just Jesus or I could never be like that... Or we could read the bible and say man, Jesus actually said that if I believed in Him I could do greater works than He has done. What if one of the key points of Jesus coming to Earth as a man was to show us what a man full of the Spirit could look like.

I challenge you to just ask Holy Spirit to highlight someone or a situation that He wants you to say something in. Stop for the One. It's just that simple.