Being who God created you to be

Being who God created you to be and settle for nothing less.

I love art.  I  love everything about art.  I love drawing and creating.  I love designing things.  I love stories, poetry, and music.  I love architecture.  I love movies, and currently I am loving photography.  I have always had a passion for the arts ever since I was little.  I loved writing and making things up!...  I remember one time lying to my parents about having to write a creative story for school so they would help me.  When I got to 4th grade, I was inspired by one of my favorite kids book authors, Dav Pilkey, creator of Captain Underpants.   So, I began to make goofy stories and added drawings to them then sold them at school.  In fact, once this started I had a hard time paying attention in school because I was so focused on drawing that I didn't really care about anything else.  I wanted to go to art school, not math school.  Then when I got out of highschool, I started to fall in love with Jesus and for some reason, I felt like I needed to give up my passion to focus on all the things of the Kingdom.  So, I put all of my drawings aside which I know now was a huge mistake...  God was never calling me to give up something He created me to do and to love.

I started an internship under a kids ministry which was a lot of fun and got me back into my creative flow.  One day the kids pastor sat me down in front of a computer and opened up photoshop and told me to design a postcard for a new curriculum we were going to use, and boy was that a challenge... but that challenge threw me into a whole new world of art that I quickly fell in love with: Graphic Design.  It was great because I could be creative and do it for God.  Now, I'm in an internship in Costa Rica where I have gotten to experiment with a lot of different ideas like websites, logos, emails, business cards, and more, but art still wasn't a big focus of mine, more like a side talent that I could use.  But then my best pal, Preston sent me a video of a photographer named, Jeremy Cowart and his story and all the amazing things he was doing in the world.  It gave me a whole new mind set on my gifts and coming back to who God created me to be.

It inspired me to dream big on ways to use my talents for the Kingdom.  A film director by the name of Darren Wilson, Creator of Finger of God, once said, "Be who God created you to be and then own it."  I heard a message from a speaker in my ministry school talking about how we label what's important in Christianity and what's not.  We are all called to give God our all, but then just jump into the most talked about things... like being a pastor or fighting against human trafficking or being a missionary.  Don't get me wrong these are important things, very important things and it's our duty as a church to do these things, but my fear is that we will have people who were created for and have specific talents for something else but they want to be recognized or feel like they're doing something "important" but God does not look at things that way.  He created everyone with a purpose…  If you love painting, paint for the glory of God, if you love dancing, dance for the glory of God, if you love drumming, do it for the glory of God, and do it because you love it.  It's not bad to love doing what God created you to do.  You should love it and be passionate about it.

Someone once said, if you are created to be an author but never write a book because you don't think you're  good enough, in heaven you'll still be called an author.  Why?  Because an apple tree is still an apple tree even if doesn't produce fruit.  Let’s be known on Earth for what we are in Heaven.

To sum it all up what I’m trying to say is that we were created with passions and for purposes and I think the best thing to do is to lean into those with everything you are.  Fully become who God created you to be even if it doesn’t seem “important”, because it is important!   I recently have had a desire to go around the world and help out missionaries by creating their designs and taking photos for them…  I feel like this will be an amazing way to use what God has given me and what I take pleasure in for the Kingdom.  I don’t know how to get there or when that will happen but what I do know is that God created me with gifts and passions and I intend on pursuing them and you should too.


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