Who Are You Becoming?


Who are you becoming? Not what, but who? Our identity is not in what we are, daughter, son, brother, sister, student, married, single, athlete, musician, or even things like broken, unwanted, unlovable. These are just labels, but they are not our identity (what makes us WHO we are).

I think a good question to ask even before asking who am I becoming is "Who was I made to be?" Then we can take steps everyday towards becoming that person. In order to become WHO we were made to be we must do 2 things (I'm sure there are other things, but these are 2 very important things), 1. Understand that we are all uniquely and wonderfully made with different gifts and talents that were handpicked for us and put together specifically and intricately to make each one of us WHO we are, 2. The labels that describe WHAT we are, are not our identity (who we are).

So let's focus on the second one. So many times we get wrapped up in the what's about us, and believe that they make up who we are. The fact is that because we put so much focus on these labels that they actually start to become our identity. We spend so much time and energy focused on the different roles we play that they take precedence over who we were made to be.

I think as soon as we put labels on someone or ourselves, even if we are only a little of whatever that label may be, if we start to focus on that we will eventually become it. This can help or hinder someone. Maybe someone called you fat and unwanted, so now you think of yourself as the girl no one wants to talk to and don't even bother trying to break out of the cycle of unhealthy choices because that's who you are, or someone called you weak and so you don't even try going that extra mile or pushing yourself because you have an excuse for not being able to push through, it's just who you are.

These lies that we believe about ourselves become so engrained in our daily lives that they affect our choices, our attitudes, our perspectives--everything.

Becoming who you were made to be is about stepping out of the things that hold you back and into the awesome destiny and adventure God designed just for you.

Margaret Thatcher said, "Watch your thoughts, for they will become actions. Watch your actions, for they'll become... habits. Watch your habits for they will forge your character. Watch your character, for it will make your destiny." I love this quote! Our destiny--who we become--goes all the way back to our thoughts.

Our thoughts and beliefs about who we are, determine who we will become. Believe that all you are is a set of labels and that's all you will become. Believe that you are so much more than your labels and that's what you will become.

How about instead of accepting the labels, either the people around us and we ourselves have stuck on ourselves, let's embrace who God says we are.

Instead of labeling yourself as fatherless because for one reason or another your earthly father isn't part of your life, grab onto the truth that you are a child of God and He has adopted you as his own. Instead of labeling yourself as broken because you've done things that you regret, call yourself whole because Jesus died and his body was broken to make you whole. Instead of labeling yourself as unwanted, remember that God sent his only son to die because he loves you SOOO much and He wants to be in relationship with you

We all have labels we've clung to and embraced as part of who we are, but I want to challenge you to rip those off and cling to the truth of who you truly are in Christ and become all you were created to be!

until next time
until next time