Nothing Else Will Do

     I was recently listening to my new absolute favorite worship CD by Jesus Culture and found myself enraptured* in a simple yet powerful song. The words simply are,
     “My soul longs for You, nothing else will do”
     As I look at those words “nothing else will do” I begin to question if sometimes I think otherwise. I know I sometimes get caught up in the things of this world, and I see people all around me trying to find something that will fill the void only God can. I know this analogy is used so often, but it’s soo true.
     Am I really living my life saying, “God You are all I need, and nothing else in this world will ever do”?
     I hope so.
     I know for me my relationship with God can go through dry spots, and it’s in those times that I find myself longing for God, longing for His presence because when I go days without digging into His word and just spending time in His presence, I feel dry.
     I begin to feel God tugging at my heart saying, “Spend time with Me.”
     You see, we were made to worship something, and that something is God, and when I find myself spending less time with Him my soul can feel the difference. It’s in those moments that I know that nothing else WILL do because GOD is the only one that can fill me up when I’m dry and pick me up when I fall.

*haha I LOVE that word, and it’s really how I felt.