Risking it All for Jesus

These past nine months since I started college I have learned a lot.  One thing is that God has way better plans than the ones I make for myself.  I guess I should know better than to plan out four years based on what I think is best for me.  Instead I need to go to God for everything.  Give Him everything, and I wasn’t doing that. A few months back God really began speaking to me about going into the ministry.  What type of ministry I don’t know. (He hasn’t revealed that yet) But knowing that He wants to use me in greater ways than I could have ever imagined is awesome! And it’s a little frightening too, I’ll admit. I also learned that I need to not worry or focus on my circumstances, but to trust God in everything.

I was recently listening to a sermon by Pastor Judah Smith where he talks about risking it all for Jesus. Living a life of risk for Jesus is actually the safest way to live.  So that brings me to my life. What am I risking? Up until now I was living life pretty safe. I began college right after high school like everyone else. I got a job to save up for more years of college. I had another job set up for this summer to save up even more money. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. But then God called me to something different. Something risky.

One day when I was on my laptop I felt something pulling me to visit Global Expeditions’ website. I have been on a mission trip with them before so I knew the website, and as I began looking at the different trips I found myself pulled to the Ireland trip. I started reading about how the spiritual warfare is affecting so many and about the addictions in teens that are living life with no purpose and believing that drugs, alcohol, and even suicide are the only answers to their struggles. These are the kind of people God had begun to put on my heart about a year ago and after reading the need for the people in Ireland I knew I had to go. Not just had, but needed to go. This is something God has called me to do.

This is where the risky business comes in. You see I wasn’t planning to go a mission trip this summer because I needed a job and who is going to hire me when I am going to be gone for a month.

So what did I do, instead of saying yes God I will go? I prayed and fasted about it to make sure it was really God’s will, and sure enough it was. That's something else I love about God. He waits for us and doesn't get frustrated with our sometimes lack of faith in Him.

So I signed up for this mission trip where I will be in Ireland for an entire month. This is a huge risk for me because I signed up with only three months to raise $4,500. Right now with less than a month to go I have raised $2,900. It has been amazing to see God provide and I know He will continue to provide even up until the very last minute. It seems like that is how God works. He waits until the very last minute to put us in a position to say “there is no way I can do this” because that is just it I can’t do it, only God can. It’s how He makes sure that all the glory goes to Him and not us.

That’s another thing I have learned through this experience. It’s so funny when I look at all the things God has done in my life and how much I learn more about His faithfulness.

I serve a great God!